What Does ‘Leading With Vision’ Really Mean?

Individuals are drawn to leaders who can articulate a possible future in such a way that speaks to those around them, and includes others in the idea.  The best leaders use both their clarity of vision and their articulation of a successful future to whisk people out of fear and into hope for the future and a sense of purpose.

We all want leaders who look beyond the present.  Leaders who have a master plan to carry their workforce through any short-term trials.  One of the key elements of leadership is the ability to create a compelling vision, then lead people towards its fulfillment.  Your vision needs to be communicated in such a way that others believe in it, and thus want to be apart of making it into a reality.

But how does one foster this type of leadership?  A big part of this involves aligning your workforce around a meaningful and rewarding shared purpose.  Leadership is about inspiring and enabling others to do their absolute best together, to fulfill a shared vision for the future.

Rome was not built in one day, or by one individual.  It’s important to recognize that while you may be the one with a vision, it’s only with the help of those around you that will make the vision a reality.  The key to leading with vision is to be able to communicate your vision as effectively as possible, in a highly inspirational manner.

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