At ICON, we are committed to being a game-changer and to making an impact in the lives of people and communities. We are passionate about giving forward and creating communities of passionate people who are committed to live their legacy, to make a difference and to contribute.

We do so through inspiring, supporting and leading many community initiatives, businesses and projects.

We are big advocates of:

  • Reading and Education
  • Investing in Youth
  • Empowering Society through Women
  • Creating Future Leadership
  • Creating communities that are bonded by principles of respect and oneness.

We do so through leading and supporting many programs :

Empowering Society through Be an ICON

We have created a community of individuals who are actively working on bettering themselves and on making a difference, a difference in their lives, in the lives of those around them, in their communities and in the world as a whole, one step at a time.

We pay it forward. Every month we open our doors for all those interested to get together, have an inspirational talk, network, and connect. Be an Icon is about empowering individuals to share, connect and learn on a multitude of levels.

Be an Icon has become an international initiative – our first international event was launched in Sienna, Italy in May 1019.

We will be announcing the launch of our additional chapters soon!

Topics we cover include:

  • Personal Development
  • Strategy in business
  • Strategy in life Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Networking skills
  • Social Skills
  • How to tackle Economic & Environmental factors

To learn more about Be an Icon please contact us and join the Icon Community.

We support Reading and Learning through Abjad


Abjjad is considered the first Arabic social network for reading and cultural fans that allows readers, writers, and Arab bloggers to register and build a virtual library that allows them to share their writings, the books they are currently reading and what they are planning to read in the future.
Within the first month of Abjjad’s launch, more than 10,000 users registered; which ensured that that Arab readers needed a digital platform that allows them to connect and discuss books easily.

We Believe in Empowering Women – We do so by Supporting:

Arab Woman Platform

A motivational platform that believes in equality, empowerment and change. A bilingual Platform in both Arabic and English languages that aims to offer a true reflection of the inspirational, successful and respectful Arab women out there an image that is somewhat distorted in Western views.

The Womanity Foundation

The Womanity Foundation believes in a world where all women and men enjoy equal and full social, economic and political rights.

Dubai Business Women Council

The Dubai Business Women Council has dedicated its efforts to enhancing gender equality in society and encouraging women to play an active role in building the country and stimulating sustainable development.
Providing education, training and networking opportunities to aid in achieving holistic development and meeting career aspirations of UAE-based business women (both Emirati and expatriates) is at the heart of the DBWC’s mission, in addition to inspiring and encouraging women to play their role in society and the economy.
DBWC’s tailored workshops and training sessions are hosted exclusively for its members and provide valuable information about the latest knowledge, skills and best practices for women entrepreneurs and leaders. Membership is open to employed business women who live in Dubai, across the UAE and within the region.

Global Women Conference

WOIBEX conferences were founded in 1999 to address issues relevant to today’s women. Held annually on March 8th to commemorate the International Women’s Day (IWD), WOIBEX supports, develops and honors women leaders; inspires them to achieve their full potential; and to create balance in leadership worldwide. It appreciates every area in which women have shown initiative and leadership, be it business, finance, entrepreneurship, management or technology.

WOIBEX recognizes the achievements of pioneering women, in the Middle East and worldwide, and encourages all women to learn from their experiences. Providing an environment conducive to the exchange of views, discussion, healthy arguments, and face-to-face networking amongst women leaders, the event aims to elevate the status of women in society, enabling them to acquire the skills needed to succeed in the global market. The conference has earned a reputation for championing the advancement of women in business and technology and has become known for its roster of high-profile speakers. The mission of Woibex has been to educate, inspire and empower women to be Architects of Change.

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