What Does ‘Leading With Vision’ Really Mean?

Individuals are drawn to leaders who can articulate a possible future in such a way that speaks to those around them, and includes others in the idea.  The best leaders use both their clarity of vision and their articulation of a successful future to whisk people out of fear and into hope for the future and a sense of purpose. We all want leaders who look beyond the present.  Leaders who have a master plan to carry their workforce through any...
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Are There Benefits In Joining Master Mind Groups?

Although the concept of a Master Mind group was made popular and first written about 75 years ago, by author Napoleon Hill titled Think and Grow Rich, most people think these groups are relatively new. Master Mind groups are designed for people to come together and discuss business ideas, share strategies and help each other grow through support. Before looking into the various benefits, I think you should understand just how they work. Master Mind...
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Social Media: The Benefits Of Bigger And Better

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, turned the world upside down in 2004, when he made a way to share everything online. At the tips of your fingers, you could access photos from people in London, have a conversation with someone in New York and post and share information for the world to see from sitting on your couch. These easy tools can quickly connect people from all over the globe. Social media has changed the business world. It is time...
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